It has come to our attention that another company operating with a similar name to ours has recently permanently closed.

That company, Northern Artificial Grass & Composite Decking is in no way connected to ours. It was based in and operated throughout Yorkshire.

To contact that company, please see your former documentation or query Google for details as follows:

We are local to the Fylde Coast in Lancashire, operating only in an approx 20 mile radius of Blackpool.

Northern Artificial Grass are a family run business with over 30 years of landscaping experience, specialising in the installation of artificial lawns.

Artificial Lawns Knott End-on-Sea

Our luxurious, artificial grass gives you an easy to manage realistic looking lawn all year round with the following benefits:

  • Low Maintenance - No requirement for regular watering, feeding, mowing and weeding. A luxurious green space to relax and play on, but without all that hard work.
  • Child and Pet Friendly - Perfect for kids and their furry friends, our lawns offer a soft, cushioned area to play on that is easy to keep clean and tidy. Ideal for mucky hands and paws.
  • Strong and Fade Free - With a bitumen-coated latex backing, our grass is strong and durable for regular, everyday use. It is also UV stabilised to prevent fading in sunlight.
  • Great Drainage - Drainage holes in our artificial lawns help to prevent pooling following heavy rain, thus making them usable year round.

Wealth of Options

Unlike the astro-turf style fake grass of old, modern artificial lawns look remarkably realistic. And just like real grass, they are available in a range of different blends and styles.

Whether you're looking for deep, soft grass underfoot or want a flatter, more manicured feel to your lawn, there are a wealth of styles to choose from.

Whatever the length or style, our grass is tough and enduring for children's play and everyday domestic use.

Commerical Installations

We also supply a range of grasses for soft-play and sports facilities, including in vibrant alternative colours. Perfect for gyms, nurseries and schools, both indoor and outdoor.

Paths, Patios and Landscaping

In addition to artificial lawns, we can provide a full landscaping service and installation of stamped concrete patios, paths and driveways through our sister company, Northern Cobblestone.

Let us transform your outside space to give you years of low maintenance enjoyment.


Some examples of our artificial grass installations in Knott End-on-Sea. Have a look through our Photo Gallery for more.

A selection of Testimonials from previous customers are also available and you can read more about Northern Artificial Grass on our About Us page.

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Throughout the Knott End-on-Sea area

Northern Artificial Grass offer driveways, patios, paths and other pattern imprinted concrete products throughout Knott End-on-Sea and surrounding areas, serving homes and local businesses with many satisfied customers.

Glasson Dock
Knott End-on-Sea
Out Rawcliffe
Over Wyre
St Michaels-on-Wyre
and more...

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